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Horizontal Outside

This Moose Antler is approximately 14.5"x18"x8" and weighs around 2 lbs. You can choose any theme or story that you would like portrayed on this antler. I would encourage you to get this with a base as these art pieces do not look finished without them and are harder to display. Each base is unique and different in order to fit the antler. The base photos are examples only, to show you ones I have made previously. The outside of the antler is naturally darker because of how the moose carry their antlers and are hidden from the sunshine. On this piece you can choose to have the carving on the outside or on the inside, though I feel the outside really allows the art to shine. Please include a form of contact in your customization so I can contact you with any further questions to make this a perfect piece for you. Thank you for shopping. 

Customized Small Antler Carving

PriceFrom $500.00
  • Ships for free anywhere in the United States. If you are within a 100 mile radius, and would prefer to have your piece hand delivered, text or email and we will arrange for a pickup and delivery.

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