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Josh Jurek, J's Natural Art, antler artist, Tristen Jurek, Plains

About J's Natural Art

The Story of J's Natural Art started long before the first piece of art was ever created. You see as a young boy, I was obsessed with the outdoors, wildlife, and drawing. I grew up in several small towns over the course of my childhood. From the mountains of Montana to the streams of Northern Michigan, most of these small towns were surrounded by forests, mountains, and streams. I spent my days in the outdoors from fishing for trout, to looking for places to hunt, to reading a book on the creek bank about stories of young men with their bond for their dogs awaiting for the next adventure. For years and years that passion grew as did I. I settled, got married, and raised my family in the mountains of Montana. Fast forward some years later; while out on a shed hunting adventure my wife finally found her first elk antler! Oh boy, did she ever treasure that shed, just like she treasures her family. So with that, came the idea to carve it into a cribbage board and gift it to her father. This man and her grandfather were both a big influence on me. Her father is a successful restaurant owner and chef in Northern Michigan. Her grandfather was a preacher, outdoorsman, champion wood carver and most of all a great role model. I always admired him and seeing his carvings in real life fueled my passion to try and express my passion through antler. So here we are many years later keeping the family talent alive, even our son does some illustrating with me. So whether it is a full size moose paddle carving for your cabin or  something special for your better half, J's Natural Art has you covered. 


Gene Harrison

Pictured above is an article about my wife's grandfather.

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