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Make your memories come to life with this one-of-a-kind natural art. Hand carved antler art that is fashionable and functionable that makes a statement. 

Customer with a carved moose antler

What our customers are saying

 "My husband can't wait to use the elk call this fall, will definitely be getting another soon!!"

"I love these earrings so much, I don't need a bag. I will just put them in now!"

"As a customer, these things are legit. As a buddy of the maker, solid individual and reliable."- Elk Calls


"I get so many compliments on this piece. Unbeatable craftsmanship!"- Hair Fork                                                                                                                                  

"I love this- I have long hair and I like to use hairsticks to put it up rather than hairbands. The antler tongs here is polished perfectly, so it stays in my hair but doesn't catch or rip the strands. The turquoise on the ends is lovely, and I honestly didn't realize it was there when I bought it so it was a nice surprise. Excellent work :)"

"I loved these bands so much I bought four of them. The union of antler and stone is so beautiful. Josh was a pleasure to work with and clearly loves what he does. I highly recommend working with him. The entire experience was a delight! Thank you!!"

"Beautiful hair fork, works great and looks amazing up!  It's gorgeous and exactly what I was hoping for. Price is great and shipping was quick. Thanks so much!"

"I love this ring. Josh was incredible to work with, too. The artistry and delicacy of antler with stone is so gorgeous. I wish I had more fingers!!! I highly recommend this ring...the entire experience was a pleasure. Thank you so much!"

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